I’m a counselor and advocate⸺which is a fancy way to say that if you’re in trouble, I’ll advise you, protect you, and fight for you.  I like people, and I like solving problems: if you’re a person with a problem, let’s talk.



I became a lawyer because I like getting paid to yell.


Since 2008 I’ve practiced law in New York and New Jersey, both in state and federal court. Though I started out in criminal defense, my practice has grown to include a lot of business law: disputes over contracts, employment discrimination cases, claims of fraud and personal injury, trademark issues, dissolution of partnerships, commercial landlord/tenant matters, administrative law matters concerning New York City regulations, and white collar crime.

I graduated cum laude from the Fordham University School of Law, after one degree in Mathematics and another in English from the University of Illinois. So far, no lawsuit has required me to use calculus or to explain James Joyce’s Ulysses, but when it happens I’ll be ready.

You took care of my case with such professionalism and efficiency. There’s no one I would have trusted more to handle my case.
— Zoe Z., client whose charges were dismissed

sources of pride

  • Won $1 million verdict in property damage case, where neighboring construction damaged the structural stability of a family’s home

  • Litigated $15 million commercial dispute alleging kickback scheme to evade Chinese export controls

  • Litigated $1 million estate case in which executor embezzled inheritance from client

  • Litigated numerous real estate disputes over commercial property

  • Litigated breach of contract claims regarding major New York grocer and its vendors

  • Represented major New York retailer in OATH hearings on charges brought by the Environmental Control Board

  • Beaten assault charges filed by a tenant against her landlord, falsely, as retaliation for being evicted

  • Represented victim of fraud in connection with white collar criminal investigation by the FBI

  • Beat murder and attempted murder charges in large narcotics conspiracy cases, fabricated by a government witness eager to reduce his own sentence

  • Reduced an 18 year sentence by 9 years, leading to a re-sentencing hearing where client was released after time served to be with his family

  • Reduced a 17 year sentence by 5 years due to changes in federal firearms sentencing

  • Dismissal of rape case where alleged victim was recorded saying she will fabricate allegations against the defendant

  • Resolved aggravated assault/child abuse case in which client, facing possible 25 years in prison, received time served; family unit was supervised and eventually reunited happily

  • Defended “enemy combatants” held at Guantanamo Bay in violation of international human rights laws

  • Pro bono representation of distressed homeowners facing foreclosure, as well as criminal defendants